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Thursday, 4 November 2010

Roxana de Rond

I started drawing and making
cards many years ago when I found it easier to say what I wanted with a picture rather than in words. I love illustrating things that are common to many people but are in themselves quite special and meaningful like, having a coffee with a friend, reading in a comfy chair, walking the dog, gardening or having a picnic. I also like doing pictures that come in a series like the four seasons of the Orchard in Grantchester. Another series I enjoy doing pictures for is called "While you were out.." which show in a set of pictures what a pet might be up to while the owner is out ie, reading on the bed, playing on the wii, having a friend over for tea, and checking out the contents of the fridge. I live in the centre of Cambridge with my husband, our two daughters and our very funny dog, Milligan. Much of my inspiration comes from them, and from my friends and family who all make appearances in my drawings.


  1. I love Roxana's drawings. Your eye scans the whole picture and draws you in. I can't wait to see what she exhibits at The Christmas 10 show.

  2. I really like "While you were out". With our puppy arriving next Saturday we are hopeful he will be just as entertaining!