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Saturday, 17 September 2011

I have been beavering away at creating a website for Cambridge Christmas 11.  As yet I haven't decided to keep the blog going but for more information about the Cambridge Christmas 11 event please go to

Thursday, 15 September 2011

I have now created a website for the Cambridge Christmas show.  Please go to for more information on the event for 2011.

Friday, 9 September 2011

Final list of seventeen amazing exhibitors!

Abi Cochran, jewellery
Alison Hullyer, prints & cards
Alison Tait, stained & fused glass
Amanda MacPhail, bone china
Anna Nilsen, ceramics, books & recycled gifts
Birgitte Bruun, silver jewellery
Claire Howieson, jewellery
Hannah Collins, bespoke jewellery and accessories
Janet Powell, jewellery
Jessie Hymas, textile artist and designer
Katharina Klug, contemporary ceramics
Marieke Hordyk, contemporary jewellery
Rhiannon Thomas, textile art and cards
Roxana de Rond, watercolours, cards and gifts
Tricia Taylor, jewellery
Daniela Stief, pottery
Rebecca Ilett, jewellery

What a night it will be. I can't wait!

Thursday, 8 September 2011

Now sixteen amazing exhibitors - introducing Daniela Stief

Daniela Stief is a Cambridgesire-based potter who hand builds one-off pieces of ceramics using rolled slabs of clay or coiling or a combination.  She make sculptures, vases, pictures, bowls, plates and tiles.  She likes to experiment with different patterns and the way oxides,  glazes or glass are showing up in the patterns.

We are delighted Daniela is joining us and the exhibitor list is now complete.  For more information on Daniela check out her website

Monday, 5 September 2011

Fifteen amazing exhibitors so far for the 2011 show

During the evening of Monday 21 November 2011 from 4 pm until 9 pm at The Unitarian Church Hall, Victoria St, Cambridge, you will be able to purchase original works from the following Cambridgeshire arts and crafts professionals.

Claire Howieson Jewellery

Abi Cochran Jewellery

Tricia Taylor Jewellery

Janet Powell Jewellery

Marieke Hordyk, Jewellery

Rebecca IlettJewellery

Birgitte Bruun, Jewellery

Hannah Collins, Jewellery

Jessie Hymas, Textiles

Roxana De Rond, Illustrator

Anna Nilsen, Children's author and illustrator

Alison Hullyer, Printmaker

Rhiannon Thomas, Textile Artist

Katharina Klugg, Ceramics 

Amanda MacPhail Ceramics

Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Another 2011 exhibitor.....

Jessie Hymas, a Cambridge-based Textile Designer will also be joining us for our Christmas Collection. Here is Jessie's website.

2011 Exhibitors, however the list is growing...

New exhibitors for the 2011 show so far include;

Katharina Klug, ceramicist
Abi Cochran, jeweller
Janet Powell, jeweller
Tricia Taylor, jeweller
Hannah Collins, jeweller

They will be joining regulars exhibitors; Birgitte Bruun, jeweller, Alison Hullyer, prints, Alison Tait, glass and felt, Rhiannon Thomas, textiles art and Amanda MacPhail, ceramics.  However we have a few more slots to fill so keep on eye on the blog for further information.

Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Cambridge Christmas 11

You will be pleased to know that plans are afoot to host a bigger Cambridge Christmas 11 at The Unitarian Church Hall in November 2011.  Watch this space......