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Thursday, 2 December 2010

A little bit of everything....

Here are some photos of work you will find tomorrow at The Christmas 10 show.
Alison Tait - stained and fused glass

Roxana de Rond, cards, gifts and watercolours

Birgitte Bruun, silversmith jeweller

Alison Hullyer, print, cards and wrappings

Rhiannon Thomas, Textile Art and cards

Anna Nilsen, author, illustrator and contemporary ceramics

Marieke Hordyk, jelleller
Amanda MacPhail, bone china

Gina Gherardi, textile jewellery and accessories

Jo Tunmer, painter, showing window etchings, original oil minatures and cards
Jo at work on a window etching with bruised fingers!

Church Hall Location

Here is a useful map showing the location of the Church Hall, just off Emmanuel Road, in Victoria Street.  Please note there is very limited on street parking in the area, so either use the nearby car parks, the Park and Ride or come under your own steam.  You will be rewarded with a warm welcome, mulled cider and mince pies.  Plus the chance to buy unique gifts directly from the makers.

Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Raffle prizes and the Sick Children's Trust

Acorn House
I recently visited Acorn House, The Sick Children's Trust Cambridge-based home-from-home accommodation for families whose children are receiving hospital treatment for serious illness.  I met with Joy Worship, Acorn House Manager, who told me about the two paediatric specialists who set up The Trust because they believed that having parents on hand during hospital treatment benefited a child's recovery.  Acorn House is a calm, restful place that many families call home while they are on hand for their sick children. It is also a place that families can stay together, however long it takes, for their child to get well again.  I came away full of admiration for Joy, her team, and The Sick Children's Trust for providing such a special place. 

On Friday, 3rd December we will be holding a raffle raising funds for The Sick Children's Trust, who rely totally on voluntary donations.

Our first prize is a fantastic Keshi pearl bracelet, worth around £200 kindly donated by Cellini Jewellers in Cambridge. 

Close-up of pearl bracelet donated by Cellini
Pearl bracelet donated by Cellini

We also have many other prizes; a Le Crueset mug donated from The Steamer Trading Cookshop; a wine tasting voucher from Cambridge Wine Merchants; a bottle of red wine from The Old Spring; even a Paintballing voucher worth £59.99 is up for grabs from Charity Paintball. We also have donations from exhibitors including a vase from Anna Nilsen and Artisstics; earrings from Gina Gherardi: a mug and bag from Roxana de Rond, cards from Alison Hullyer and a festive bone china plate from Amanda MacPhail.
 Jo Tunmer
Bone china plate by Amanda MacPhail

Sunday, 28 November 2010

Greeting cards

On Friday 3rd December Rhiannon Thomas, Alison Hullyer, Roxana de Rond and Jo Tunmer will be selling their latest collections of greeting cards.  Here are a few examples of what you will find.

Printed Christmas cards by Alison Hullyer

Printed cards by Alison Hullyer

Printed Christmas cards by Roxana de Rond

Printed Christmas cards by Roxana de Rond

Printed cards by Jo Tunmer

Printed Christmas card by Rhiannon Thomas

Printed Christmas card by Rhiannon Thomas

Saturday, 27 November 2010

Alison Tait

Marieke Hordyk (Allielola) and Alison Tait will also be exhibiting at
The Marquee on the Severals, Bury Road, Newmarket on
Saturday 18th and Sunday 19th December from 10am - 5pm.

visit The Newmarket Town Council website events page for further information.

New fused glass work by Alison Tait.

Thursday, 25 November 2010

Anna Nilsen

Anna Nilsen is a woman of many talents. She is an international award-winning children’s author, illustrator, and games devisor.  Anna has written over 100 books and devised 25 jigsaw puzzles and games to date and she has no intention of stopping yet.  Some of her best selling titles include Kingfisher's highly successful Art Fraud Detective, The Great Art Scandal, I Can Spell and I Can Count titles.

Anna was trained in ceramics, glass blowing and sculpture and with a passion for pottery.  As well as writing her books she now runs an online gallery, Artisstics selling studio pottery ranging from unknown potters to the very best of British and a range of international ceramics.  Anna can also be found at The Cambridge Market with Artisstics on Mondays and Wednesdays.

Alison Hullyer - Midnight Hare

This is one of my new prints just completed for the show.  It is a collograph, which uses a plate made from mountboard and PVA glue.  It is a limited edition of 25 prints and will be available framed or unframed. There are two others in the series, including 'Mr. Fox' and 'Love Bird'.  Watch this space for images of them as soon as they are finished.

Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Cambridge Christmas 10: Jo Tunmer, tree collection Nov 2010

Cambridge Christmas 10: Jo Tunmer, tree collection Nov 2010: "My latest obsession with trees and leaves started in Canada during the summer. However I do remember being obsessed with them as a child. W..."

Jo Tunmer, tree collection Nov 2010

My latest obsession with trees and leaves started in Canada during the summer.  However I do remember being obsessed with them as a child. We lived near a forest and my brother and I used to disappear for hours building dens. 

In our corner, suburban garden we have quite a collection: Magnolia, Apple, Weeping Willow, Beech to name a few.  There is also the very large walnut tree that overhangs my studio.  When the nuts are ripe the squirrels run up the tree and have a field-day cracking them and throwing the shells onto my roof.  It's highly entertaining.

Here are some photographs of where I have started my tree and leaves collection of perspex paintings. 


Moraine Lake

Lynn Creek

Moraine Lake

59 Highworth Ave, Cambridge

59 Highworth Ave, Cambridge

Monday, 22 November 2010

Birgitte Bruun

Birgitte Bruun has shown her jewellery collection at The Christmas 10 show for the last three years.  She is currently exhibiting at Primavera with ACJ (Association of Contemporary Jewellers).  Birgitte was born in Copenhagen, Denmark and came to the UK when she was twelve.  She has been exhibiting her jewellery for the past four years.

Here are two of her new pieces and one of her working.